Do You Struggle With The Basics Of Computing?

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  • Computing for senior citizens
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  • Stop struggling to use your computer

    Are Cut, Copy & Paste A Mystery?

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  • How to be a better computer user

    Dragging & Dropping

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  • I want to know how to use my computer more effectively


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Computing Course For Beginners And Improvers

This is the very same course that I’ve used with classes of students for many years.  Updated for Windows 10 and Word 365/2016.

It is designed so you can work through it at your own pace.  There are no tests or trick questions.

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Course Sneak Preview

Helpful Videos

Throughout the course there are links to videos so you can see what you are being taught.

What Do I Need To Use This Course?

To get the most benefit from this course, you need to be using a device that runs Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Word 2016.

What Will I learn?
  • How to use the mouse – and change it for left handed use
  • How to use your touch screen
  • The function of the basic keys on your keyboard (I know – it often seems as if many of them just have arrows on)
  • Basic word-processing functions – including bold, italic, underline, text alignment, font size, font face, font colour and much more
  • Basic Windows terms – common across the apps on your device
  • Saving, printing and turning off your Windows computer
  • The difference between Save and Save As
  • Starting a new document or opening an existing one
  • Highlighting text
  • Undo – or “help, I didn’t mean to do that”
  • Changing the appearance of text
  • Margins, headers and footers
  • Spelling and grammar checkers
  • WordArt
  • Borders and Shading
  • Find & Replace
  • Inserting pictures
  • Page and column breaks
  • Managing your files and folders
  • Renaming, moving, coping, deleting files
  • Picking items from a list – consecutive and non consecutive
  • Backups

And much, much more.

  • Learn computing for seniors

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  • How to be a better computer user

    I'm A Complete Beginner

    Don't worry, the course is designed for complete beginners and guides you gently through the very basic.

  • How to be a better computer user

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    You can download and read it on any device.

  • Learn computing for seniors

    I'm an Improver

    I'll bet you'll learn something, even in the first few pages.  Start the course from any page you feel comfortable with.

  • Stop struggling to use your computer

    Use The Videos

    Your device needs to be connected to the internet to use the videos.

  • I want to know how to use my computer more effectively

    Do I Need To Use The Videos?

    No.  The course is designed to work without the videos.  They are an added bonus.

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(Please note – all payments are handled via Paypal.  This site does not have access to your payment details.)

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About Me

My name is Carol Smith and I’m an experienced IT teacher.

I’m fully qualified and I’ve been teaching computing to adults for nearly 20 years.

I believe learning to use a computer should be fun.  You should learn at your own pace and learn the skills that you need.

I don’t run accredited courses, or courses where you need to take a test.  I’ve never run courses where confused students are forced into lesson 2 before learning, practicing and understanding lesson 1.

All my students work at their own pace and learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it.

This course was written specifically to use with my own classes.  It has grown and been amended with the help and input of my own students.

It will teach you the basics of computing.  Even experienced computer users tell me they learn from this course.

And let’s face it – most computer users just muddle through doing the few things that they know how to, whilst wishing they knew how to use their computer or device more effectively.

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