Domain Registration

This is a scam that I receive regularly. It is intended to trick you into handing over money in the belief that you are paying your domain registrar to renew your domain name.

You aren’t. This email has nothing to do with your domain registrar. It is purely a trick to get money from you.

The email claims that if you don’t pay $75 it will be difficult for customers to find you on the internet. This is total rubbish. The major search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo don’t need you to submit your website or domain name before they find and index it. I don’t suppose that the people taking your money will do any work on your behalf either. They will sit behind their computer smugly congratulating themselves on having taken money from an unsuspecting victim

There is a very useful folder in your email called “junk”, which is where this email should finish up.

spam domain submission

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