Edible Ink Cartridges

No, it’s not the cartridges that are edible, it’s the ink inside them.

Edible ink is commonly used to print photos to decorate birthday cakes.  You can buy it from Amazon and many other websites. Edible InkYou don’t want to waste edible ink printing onto regular paper – no-one will want to eat it! So you will also need Edible Icing SheetsAs well as icing sheets you can also print onto Edible Rice Paper SheetsMake sure you use a printer that is designed for using with edible ink cartridges –Edible Ink Printer  Once you have all the equipment you need you can print photos and designs for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, special occasion cakes – anything you can think of.  Your cakes will be unique and fun.

You can also buy sheets of small icing circles.  These would be fun for decorating cup cakes or other individual sized cakes.

I have to confess that I’ve never done any edible printing myself.  I have printed t-shirts and other garments in the past – using iron on transfer printing.  These are great fund raisers – I used to make and sell them for a local charity. Cuddly animals and flowers were always popular.

If you are selling your work, please use your own photographs, or photographs that your client has taken.  You can’t just do a Google image search and use and sell any images you find.  Most of them are copyrighted.  Stay legal and avoid embarrassing legal letters by making sure all the artwork used is original – your own or your client’s.

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