GMail Inbox Tabs

This happens to a lot of my clients. Someone swears they’ve sent an email but my clients are adamant they’ve not received it. Or they’ve signed up for a mailing list for a fashion catalogue or hobby and swear they aren’t getting the emails. Where have they gone.

Take a careful look at your inbox. By default GMail gives you three tabs – like this:

Most people don’t even notice these tabs, let alone think to click on them to see what is in there. I like all my email in one box – junk or not, at least I can see it and delete it if necessary.

For most of my clients I turn these tabs off. Come to think of it, I probably do it for all of them. I don’t recall a single client who said they wanted to keep them.

To turn off the GMail inbox tabs, you start by clicking on the gear wheel at the top right of the screen, just underneath your user profile pic:

Click on Settings from the drop down menu. Choose Inbox from the menu displayed:
Notice that there are ticks beside Social and Promotions. REMOVE these ticks and scroll down to click on Save Changes.

When you return to your inbox all your emails will be in one place.

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