Google Mail – Where Did The Email I Was Typing Go?

It happens to all Gmail users. You’re typing away and the phone rings.  You leave the computer and when you come back it’s turned itself off.

Or you’re happily typing away and the computer freezes, or crashes or simply decides to restart itself to install updates.

You’re part way through an email and you’ve lost it.  Or have you?

Don’t Panic.  As a computer troubleshooter that is my main motto.  I’ve often thought of having a t-shirt made with that on.  It would probably look more professional than turning up in the SuperWoman outfit I usually wear, after having done a twirl on the living room floor.  Wearing your pants outside your tights is sooooo last year.

I digress.

Where did the new GMail you were typing when your computer crashed go?  Do you have to type it all again?

Here’s an email I was writing before my computer crashed.  (I simply closed the Gmail tab to simulate a crash)


Log back in to Gmail once your computer has restarted. Look in the left hand menu and you should see a number beside your drafts folder.  (In my experience, many people have several emails that have made it into their drafts folder and never been sent.  If this applies to you, delete all the old ones while you are in the folder.  Remember – if it’s in Drafts it wasn’t sent.

Click on Drafts in the menu to open up your drafts folder

Then click on the title of the email you want to finish and finish composing it in the usual way.

Click on Send to send it, or click on the cross at the top right hand corner to save it back to drafts if you want to finish it later.

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