How To Add A New Theme To A WordPress Site

When you are new to WordPress, it can all seem rather scary.  This site is built using WordPress and so are many millions of other sites.  The advantages of WordPress are that you don’t need to download web design software onto your own computer and you can log-in to your site and make changes online from any device anywhere in the world.

You can design your own theme using a framework or starter theme, which is what I do.  This site is built using Montezuma.  But if that sounds too complicated, or you just don’t have time, there are thousands of excellent themes that you can install and use.

Many are free.  If you want to use a free theme, I would suggest you always use on that has been accepted by the WordPress respository. If you download a free theme form a third party you run the risk of installing malware on your site, or finding your theme has hidden links of the kind you might not want to be associated with!

Installing a New Theme From The WordPress Repository

This is really easy as you can do it in just a few clicks from within your WordPress dashboard.

Start by clicking on Appearance/Themes in the left hand menu:


Then click on “Add New” in the top menubar:


There are thousands of themes to choose from, so experiment with the options in the menu:


The “Feature Filter” is a good place to start.  It will help you narrow down the results.

A big advantage of WordPress is that you can choose a theme and activate it, then if you find you don’t like it you can simply deactivate it and choose another theme until you find one you like.  Your content won’t be lost while you do this.

Tick a few boxes in the Feature filter and then click on “Apply Filters”newtheme4You will still find dozens of themes displayed to scroll through.  When you find one you like the look of point your mouse at it, or tap it and you will see 2 options displayed:


You can simply Install it and see how our site looks, or Preview it.  If you install it, you can simply deactivate and delete it from your list of themes (appearance/themes).  I suggest you preview it first.


If you like it, click on Install.  If you don’t, just click on the cross and try another theme.

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