Keywords – Will Your Site Be Found On Google?

This came up in conversation with a website client today. He’d spoken to an seo (search engine optimisation) company about a website I recently made for him. It’s a one page site – hardly fertile ground for adding a lot of keywords and persuading Google that you have a major site worth high ranking.

The seo company, to be fair, had come up with some sensible keywords. Of course, my client then got carried away. “We could add ‘livestock’, ‘machinery'” and a whole host of other random words that he came up with.

Whoaaaaa. When you are thinking of keywords you want a small site to be found for stop and think. Why would you want your site to be found for the one-word keyword “livestock”. Assuming his site was about livestock, which it isn’t, what would be your chances of ranking in Google for a such a broad keyword? And if he did get found for that term, his visitors would leave immediately as his site has no livestock related content at all. It’s a security related website.

Your site will probably be about something totally different. But you need to think of keywords that are very specific to the goods or services you are offering – unless you are a major company with a website consisting of hundreds of pages. Let the major companies be found for the main keywords. Concentrate on terms very specific to your business or site.

Choose your keywords wisely and carefully. Try and find some that are not so widely used but that you think might bring you visitors. It isn’t hard to find what are generally knowsn as “long tail” keywords – in other words keywords that are not searched for so often and so are not used so often. This means you stand a better chance of ranking your site for these keywords.

(A keyword doesn’t have to be a single word. It is a word or phrase that you think visitors might search for and that you hope will lead them to your site.)

One way of finding low competition keywords is just to think of a few very specific terms that people looking for your goods or service might use. Type that phrase into google and study the results. Let’s say, for example, that you are making a site about holiday accommodation. Try typing “bed and breakfast” into google – you’ll probably find all the top results are major sites such as Trip Advisor,, airbnb. You can’t compete. These are major sites with thousands of pages and a huge budget for seo and advertising.

Now try typing in “bed and breakfast Melton Mowbray”. A less common, and therefore longer tail, keyword. I just tried it and you find more local results. So this would be the type of keyword you could aim to rank for.

So, going back to my client and his livestock (or to be exact his total lack of livestock). He needs to look at much more specific keywords related to the products he is selling. Very specific keywords related to livestock security or the specific products he is selling.

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