Learn To Play Bridge Online

I have a friend who is an avid bridge player.  She teaches bridge, she plays bridge, she runs a bridge club and she has her own bridge teaching website.  It’s a hugely popular site with thousands of members.

It’s called No Fear Bridge and it’s a fantastic way of learning to play bridge online.  Some of her member learn solely from her website.  Some are attending bridge classes and their teachers recommend them to join to get extra practice between lessons.

For many people bridge is a big part of their social life – they belong to their local bridge club, they invite friends round for games of bridge, they go on bridge theme holidays and even bridge themed cruises.

Even if you are housebound or not well enough to join in at your local club, playing bridge online can open up a whole new world.  There are many sites where you can play against real oponnents.  If you play regularly you can strike up online friendships with people around the world.

The internet can be an amazing place for making new friends if you have a long term health condition.   I know, I have Lyme Disease.  Sometimes I’m unable to leave the house for months.  I have cyber friends around the world, many that I’ve spoken to regularly on Skype.  If you do go down this route, just be careful and wary of who you befriend and run a mile from anyone who asks you for money, however plausible their story.

Back to learning to play bridge.  If you play regularly online, you might find yourself one or more regular bridge partners who you can talk to via skype, on the phone or other messaging service.

No Fear Bridge isn’t a site for playing against other players.  It’s a site for learning and improving your skills.  Somewhere to study and perfect your bidding and play between bridge sessions.

Before becoming a paying member you have to take a two week free trial, so you know if you like the site and its activities before you are asked to pay.  If you decide not to join, you don’t need to do anything as you won’t be asked for payment details unless you sign up for paid membership.

You can take your two week trial by clicking

HERE if you want to learn Acol bridge (UK, Ireland, New Zealand)


HERE if you want to learn American Standard bridge.

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