No, not the late Aztec ruler. Montezuma is a WordPress theme – the one this site is built with. It’s produced by bytesforall and there is an excellent support forum here

Out of the box when you first install it, it’s boring.  It’s just a framework on which you can build any style of site that you want.  It has endless options, but it isn’t drag and drop you have to do some coding.

I’ve been using Montezuma for several years now.  It took me a while to truly get the hang of coding, but once I did I was hooked.

Before I used the Montezuma theme, I was an Atahualpa user.  It’s produced by the same people and is still available, but it isn’t mobile compatible, which is why I stopped using it.  I used to sell an Atahualpa theme guide – in fact it was very popular.  So I decided I’d start writing some Montezuma tutorials and add them to this site.

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