Register of World Businesses

“Ladies and Gentlemen” – we have the annual, Register of World Businesses scam.  As a business owner, or even a member of the public, I’m sure this Register is the first place you turn to when you want to find a business or service.

Do I hear you cry: “it isn’t.  I’ve never heard of it”?  You won’t be alone.  No-one has heard of it (unless they’ve received this scam email) and no-one is going to use it to find a business or service – and that includes your business or service.

These scammers are hoping that, in a busy office, an employee will assume this is a legitimate email and fill in the attached form.

This is the email I received.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.

In order to have your company inserted in
the register of World Businesses for the
2016/2017 edition, please print, complete
and send the attached form (wbl-F.pdf)
to the following address:

World Business List
P.O. Box 34
3700 AA Zeist
The Netherlands

Fax: +31 30 310 0125

Updating is free of charge!

The attachment (perhaps unusually) doesn’t contain malware. It does however contain small print.  Small print that includes this little gem:

world business register scam

Yes, you read that correctly.  They want you to pay them 995 Euros a year for 3 years.  For an entry into a register that no-one will read!  I guess some busy offices are tricked into paying:  one employee fills in an innocent form and sends it off;  another employee receives an email telling them their annual subscription is due and they pay it without question.

So save yourself 3k Euros and consign this email to your junk folder.

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