Screen Picture Turned Upside Down

A few years ago I had an old blog on this very site.  It’s long gone, but there was one post on there that was very popular.

It came about after my cat walked across my keyboard.  Magically, the picture on my screen turned upside down.

Using the mouse is hard when up is now down, left has become right and the bottom is now at the top.

How do you turn the picture back the right way round?

It’s easy when you know how and you don’t need the mouse, you can use the keyboard.  Just press and hold the crtl + alt keys, then press the down arrow that is located in a group of four arrows (up, down, left, right).   Your picture will turn itself back the right way.

If you want to turn the picture upside down again – for fun, or because you want to show the screen to someone who is standing looking down, just hold down ctrl + alt and press the up arrow.

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